Visiting Teaching

Okay so i need a bit of advice.  

So i have never done this before and around new people i can be shy.  We are also focused more on non-active members,let them know we remember them and such.  Last Sunday in Relief Society we were warned that the women that now have visiting teachers may not want to have anything to do with it, and the RS president shared a story of her new sister shes ‘teaching’ and the woman said “tell her not to come”  but is okay with a friendly how are you can we help. sort of thing.  

back to the story, I have been thinking about this last RS meeting and even though she lives only like 5 blocks away I wrote a letter.  telling who i am and why i was writing and all the ways we can no do VT. and all of my contact info so she can have some time to really take in what’s going on.  I have not sent it out yet.  

I feel like the letter is a good thing, like it will get her use to the idea of having a VT again.  then i doubt with well what if she doesn’t reply? then i second guess it.  Should i send it out tomorrow? or blindside her with the “Hey i’m your visiting teacher lets talk!”  thing?

3 years ago on 6 September 2011 ~ 5:09pm 8 notes
  1. jasbeaw answered: i think the letter is a great idea! and give her some cookies too (:
  2. jolinda answered: I think u should send the letter. also doing service for her. Like sending cookies, lets her know ur thinking of her.she may open up that way
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